Advantages of BiB


Progress for wine and its lovers

BiBoViNo is a revolutionary product in wine industry. It exploits all the benefits of Bag-in- Box™ Technology and brings a vision of a perfect product that reflects the demand of modern times and respects the traditions at the same time.

Improved Protection

BiB provides optimal conditions for storing wine that meet standards of a wine cellar owing to the vacuum inside the bag and protection against sunlight. Organoleptic properties of wine stay unchanged for as long as 1 month after opening and the vent peg prevents any oxidation.

Easy handling and storage

BiB provides easy storage and transport as well. The package is only 17x10x21 cm and has a volume of 3 litres and weights 3.2 kilograms, which is equal to 4 standard bottles.

More flexible

There is no need of a corkscrew to open a BiB and you drink only as much as you desire at the moment.

Production costs 30 % less

BiB eliminates the costs of bottling the wine that amounts to a quarter of the final price of wine. Therefore, you can enjoy premium wine with 25-30% lower price compared to the same product in a bottle.

Green solution

BiB saves space during transport because of its shape and, therefore, it decreases the costs of shipping and the amount of necessary packaging and it is also more easily recyclable than glass.