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The Brand


BiBoViNo reflects the needs of its customers

BiBoViNo is tailored to the needs of wine lovers who prefer independence and flexibility in enjoying wine. It is adapted to modern life style and allows you to enjoy a sip wherever and whenever you want. There are no compromises.

BiBoViNo lets all wine lovers inside the world of luxury

The world of wine has got further away from its customers during last decades as a result of strict rules and high pricing. It has lost a part of its transparency as the experts and the industry instead of the customers themselves gave the measures of quality. BiBoViNo turns the tables. Personal experience, comfort and flexibility of the customer are on the top.

BiBoViNo seeks new ways to connect its customers to the best wines

Our goal is neither to build a network of cellars nor to create a collection of brands for archives of collectors. Our aim is to cultivate the approach of customers to the wine and vice versa. We want to be true to our vision that personal experience is more important than professional one. The experience of customers is what matters.

BiBoViNo embraces changes and respects individual habits of its customers

We are not afraid of trying new things. We think smart and open and experiment in order to increase the comfort of drinking our wines and the quality inside every BiB. We believe in what we are doing and that is what makes us successful and why customers choose our wines.

Advantages of BiB


Progress for wine and its lovers

BiBoViNo is a revolutionary product in wine industry. It exploits all the benefits of Bag-in- Box™ Technology and brings a vision of a perfect product that reflects the demand of modern times and respects the traditions at the same time.

Improved Protection

BiB provides optimal conditions for storing wine that meet standards of a wine cellar owing to the vacuum inside the bag and protection against sunlight. Organoleptic properties of wine stay unchanged for as long as 1 month after opening and the vent peg prevents any oxidation.

Easy handling and storage

BiB provides easy storage and transport as well. The package is only 17x10x21 cm and has a volume of 3 litres and weights 3.2 kilograms, which is equal to 4 standard bottles.

More flexible

There is no need of a corkscrew to open a BiB and you drink only as much as you desire at the moment.

Production costs 30 % less

BiB eliminates the costs of bottling the wine that amounts to a quarter of the final price of wine. Therefore, you can enjoy premium wine with 25-30% lower price compared to the same product in a bottle.

Green solution

BiB saves space during transport because of its shape and, therefore, it decreases the costs of shipping and the amount of necessary packaging and it is also more easily recyclable than glass.



Bruno Quenioux Signature

Bruno Quenioux is not only famous for his talent and erudition in the world of wines but also for his unique ability to find hidden gems off the beaten track.

Bruno has greatly contributed to revival of the French wine traditions by his emphasis on a return to naturalism and traditional ways of growing. He has put regional and signature wines into the spotlight. When selecting the varieties for BiBoViNo he doesn’t let himself be influenced by modern trends, instead, he searches for unique tastes and keeps himself true to his own impressions. It is his impression and emotions that form his decisions.

His signature on BiBoViNo collection of wines gives his personal approval and recommendation of every product in the range. Each wine has caught his attention for a certain quality and taste that was uniquely present in that variety and by choosing a BiBoViNo you can follow his passionate journey through the wineries of France and experience them yourself.



A step towards a unique kind of wine

BiBoViNo is the first brand specializing in selling high quality wines in Bag-in- Box™ packaging.

Our offer consists of an exclusive collection of wines selected by a leading expert in the field, which are in compliance with traditional methods of growing and uniqueness of the varieties.

We have blended the traditions with modern technologies and inventions that allow us to further enhance the quality and the zest of the best French wines.

As a famous artist once put it into words – our taste is a very simple one, we only like the best.

We would like to invite you to share this joy of exploring the world of unique varieties of wines.