Bruno Quenioux Signature

Bruno Quenioux is not only famous for his talent and erudition in the world of wines but also for his unique ability to find hidden gems off the beaten track.

Bruno has greatly contributed to revival of the French wine traditions by his emphasis on a return to naturalism and traditional ways of growing. He has put regional and signature wines into the spotlight. When selecting the varieties for BiBoViNo he doesn’t let himself be influenced by modern trends, instead, he searches for unique tastes and keeps himself true to his own impressions. It is his impression and emotions that form his decisions.

His signature on BiBoViNo collection of wines gives his personal approval and recommendation of every product in the range. Each wine has caught his attention for a certain quality and taste that was uniquely present in that variety and by choosing a BiBoViNo you can follow his passionate journey through the wineries of France and experience them yourself.