The Brand


BiBoViNo reflects the needs of its customers

BiBoViNo is tailored to the needs of wine lovers who prefer independence and flexibility in enjoying wine. It is adapted to modern life style and allows you to enjoy a sip wherever and whenever you want. There are no compromises.

BiBoViNo lets all wine lovers inside the world of luxury

The world of wine has got further away from its customers during last decades as a result of strict rules and high pricing. It has lost a part of its transparency as the experts and the industry instead of the customers themselves gave the measures of quality. BiBoViNo turns the tables. Personal experience, comfort and flexibility of the customer are on the top.

BiBoViNo seeks new ways to connect its customers to the best wines

Our goal is neither to build a network of cellars nor to create a collection of brands for archives of collectors. Our aim is to cultivate the approach of customers to the wine and vice versa. We want to be true to our vision that personal experience is more important than professional one. The experience of customers is what matters.

BiBoViNo embraces changes and respects individual habits of its customers

We are not afraid of trying new things. We think smart and open and experiment in order to increase the comfort of drinking our wines and the quality inside every BiB. We believe in what we are doing and that is what makes us successful and why customers choose our wines.